Once a Homeless Mom, Today a Millionaire with a DIY Empire

Mimi G or Mimi Goodwin is an influential woman in the world of DIY Fashion world; she’s a successful entrepreneur who’s not just transformed her hobbies into million-dollar businesses, but also defied every odd to do it.

Once a teenage runaway and then a homeless single mother, this woman is now a girl boss.

In a period of 10 years she has launched her blog MimiGStyle.com, a leading resource for DIY/sewing fashion and the SewItAcademy, an online academy for needles and threads.

She’s the owner of the number one online school for sewing.

Once a Homeless Mom, Today a Girl Boss

Today, Goodwin earns seven-figure sums.

However, she says that despite sewing always being her escape, she never imagined that learning to sew at the age of 12 would bring her where she’s today.

Goodwin grew up in Chicago and went to Puerto Rico with her dad during the summer. She cut and re-sewed everything she got her hands on; however, at the age of 15, she ran away from home.

She says that it wasn’t easy to keep up with her hobby, considering she stayed homeless several times in LA.

So, she only sew on and off over the years. She’s also a survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and faced numerous other challenges as a teen mother who was also homeless.

When she was in her early twenties, she enrolled in a fashion design school; however, she realized soon that she already knew what she was paying to learn.

She continued self-teaching and struggled to make ends meet. This is when she also started a blog.

The Journey that Helped Her Become a Millionaire

In the beginning, she would share her personal sewing projects and patterns online and then accidentally started teaching people how to make clothes they want to wear, but are unable to afford them.

She wasn’t aware at first that she started out something nobody else was doing. There were quilting blogs and blogs for sewing, but no one was teaching fashion sewing on YouTube.

In 2012, she made a video where she showed step by step how to make a skirt. She says the rest was history and says people ‘went crazy for it’.

She originally had no intention to sew for hire, but after the success with the video, she realized her blog could become a digital business.

In the two years of Mimi G Style, she got more than million page views, doubled her income, and quit her day job.

She signed a license deal with Simplicity and started working on a community of DIY sewers who loved craftiness as much as she does. 8 years fast forward, she sells her products and her business has exploded.

She now helps others monetize their hobbies.

She also launched the Sew It Academy in 2016 with one course only-she offered one each upcoming month to build up on the skills the users learned previously.

Today, her Academy has more than 70 courses covering various types of clothes ranging from women and menswear to children wear, as well as draping, fitting, sketching, and making.




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