Woman from Minnesota Reunites with Her Lost Dog after He Was Featured on Beer Ad

Three years have passed since a loved family dog named Hazel went missing. Today, thanks to a beer can ad, the sweet doggo from Iowa will soon reunite with her family.

Monica Mathis from Minnesota was checking up on her social media when she saw a story about a brewing company from Florida that featured dogs for adoption on their beer cans.

When she looked through the dog photos, she was surprised to see her Hazel featured on one of the cans!

Woman Reunites with Her Lost Dog Thanks to a Beer Ad

Hazel, a 7-year-old dog, was one of the four dogs that were chosen to have their photo featured on the Floridian beer by Motorworks Brewing, in hopes to help them find homes.

This marketing campaign quickly went viral and helped them raise money for the local shelter in Manatee to be used for the construction of a new area for the animals.

Hazel, or as they named him in the Manatee County Animal Services, Day Day, left the home of the Mathis in 2017. Her family explains that she was a master of escaping and getting loose.

She had the habit of bolting through the door and sometimes even knocked them over, just to get out. The 60-pound dog became part of the shelter in 2019 as astray. Hazel did have a microchip, but the owner’s info was outdated.

They had no other way to contact her family and since no one claimed her as theirs, she was up for adoption.

Mathis Was Scared of Losing Hazel Once More

Mathis recalls going a bit hysterical and scared of someone adopting her at this point and losing her again.

She immediately sent the records and photos to the shelter and claimed Hazel.

Although it remains unknown how she made it to Florida, she’s a happy and healthy dog. Currently, they’re coming up with the best ways to reunite the two sides which are some 1,700 miles apart.

Hans Wohlgefahrt, from the Animal Services, said that although Hazel grew close with her, she’s happy to see her get back to her family, even if it requires a long trip.