This Dog Who Was Rescued from a Trash Can Is the Loveliest Family Member Today

Riley is a sweet Collie mix that has a very big heart. But, he didn’t have an easy life; in fact, he was rescued from the bottom of a trash can where he was thrown away while still a puppy.

Today, at the age of 5, he has a loving family and shows them all of the affection possible, particularly to the youngest members whom he adores.

The family who rescued him from the trash can and took him in and has been caring for him ever since say he’s a wonderful companion. Megan Di Caro says they love every minute they spend with him.

Riley loves everyone, including kittens and babies. Megan shared the photos of him cuddling with a foster kitten and sleeping next to the family’s 7-month-teens.

Loveliest Dog: Once Thrown away in a Trash Can, Now Has the most Amazing Family

Megan also fosters kittens for a local animal rescue and Riley loves all of them. The first photo is when he met a new kitten named Griffin.

He’s also the quite protective big brother; he’s not leaving the twins’ side. When they were only 2 weeks old, they did the sweetest photo shoot and Riley was there!

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