This Man from Chicago Buys all Tamales from Street Vendors & Gives them to the Homeless

This is definitely a win-win situation. One Robert Magiet from Chicago regularly drives to various street tamale vendors and buys out their whole carts.

When the happy vendors go home because they had a successful day, Magiet takes the tamales and places them in community fridges and people can take them for free.

Or, he takes them at shelters to be given to the homeless.

Magiet, an owner of the café TaKorea Cocina estimates that on a daily basis, he purchases around 15 dozen tamales or $16 per dozen.

His small café is located in an Ukranian Village. He has watched the pandemic wreck havoc on the restaurant industry.

Tamales Vendors Are in Disbelief

Magiet explains how the vendors are often confused when he says he wants to buy the whole cart. They can’t understand why someone would need so many tamales.

Magiet came up with this idea to buy them out one freezing morning, when he saw that no one was stopping to buy food.

Both to their delight and surprise, he’s now a regular at various street vendor locations and hopes that he will inspire others to join him into finding and helping vendors and people who need food.

He believes that each and every one of us can make a big difference in others’ lives. And, now, more than ever before, Magiet explains, it’s pivotal to show support.

How Does Magiet Find Tamale Vendors?

Magiet asks from his Facebook friends to suggest corners and vendors. He has posted other similar pleas on various Facebook pages.

Suggestions come in pretty fast and Magiet follows them.

He has bought tamales at Kimball and Belmont, Sacramento and Fullerton, etc. He realized he has to start the quest at 5:30 am to be able to buy more tamales and distribute them timely.

Also, it’s pivotal to take out the vendors from the freezing streets as soon as possible.

What an amazing man, don’t you agree? What are you doing to help your struggling community? Please let us know in the comment section below!