A Vermont Mountain Resort Is a Mecca for Dogs & Dog Lovers from around the World

This dog mountain resort located in St Johnsbury in Vermont and has been considered and praised as the mecca for dog lovers and their doggos for almost 2 decades.

And, the leashes there are optional. The design is of American artist Stephen Huneck and comes with swimming ponds, agility sections, and a canine art gallery.

However, its most popular part is probably the chapel for dogs-with the walls full of notes, photos, and poems in celebration of lovely canines that are no longer with us.

Stunning Dog Mountain Resort Celebrating Canines

According to the resort’s general manager Pam McCann, the chapel is a traditional New England-looking one where visitors come to remember their dogs and celebrate the connections they’ve had with them.

The walls of the chapel are therefore full of lovely notes, photos of passed dogs, and all kinds of other remembrances that people from all over the world left during their visits.

The stunning resort is built on 150 acres of private area and is open the whole year round, even now, during the pandemic, and the entrance is free-of-charge.

People here can enjoy socially-distanced fun time with their pets. McCann explains that they’re proud to be able to offer this resort and promote it as a COVID-friendly retreat activity.

According to the retreat’s website, the dog visitors here can roam free, swim, play with other dogs, and they’ll be cherished for it.

The Dream of Placing Dog Lovers & Dogs from all over the World Together

Huneck was an artist who specialized in making woodcut prints of dogs and he redefined the ‘dog person’ phrase. Together with his wife Gwen, they purchased this property back in 95 and started working on their dream sanctuary.

After they died, their family and friends created the not-for-profit Friends of Dog Mountain that is now the owner and manager of the space and everything is being done in the couple’s memory.

The couple’s dream will never be forgotten: to create a safe haven for people where they can get closure for their lost furry friends, but also bring people who love dogs and dogs from all around the world in one place together.