Poor Dog Lost in the Woods for 10 Days during a Winter Storm Saved Thanks to a Drone

This sweet dog was reunited with his family after he was lost for 10 days. He was rescued thanks to one kind man and his drone.

Gary and Debbie Morgan, his owners, placed flyers and asked from people online to help them find their sweet Meadow, a 16-month-old golden retriever.

They saw him for the last time in the wooded area in Andes, New York, and he was gone for a week before one stranger, Brian James, saw the family’s plea for their pet.

The flyer offer $500 for those who help them locate Meadow whom they described as small with a stocky build and a pink collar.

Stranger Helps Family Find their Lost Dog Using a Drone

James said that he thought he would help the family by adding a new method to their search method. A hiking guide and a trained drone pilot, he thought it would be easy to check from the air if they could locate Meadow before the snowfall.

And, his efforts proved fruitful after he saw a patch of white in one forested area. He went to the spot where he saw the white section and it was really Meadow.

Meadow wasn’t hurt and she was alright. After 10 days and thanks to this kind and fast-thinking man, the Morgans reunited with their beloved dog, 10 days after the day she went missing.

The Morgans Are so Grateful for James & other Kind People Who Helped

Gary who was emotional from the relief he felt because they found their dog said that at the last second, James spotted a white dot on the floor.

They’re more than grateful for James to have showed up and helping them locate Meadow.

He said that we all have the chance to help and we can never know what will come out of it. The Morgans said of Meadow that she is their forever dog and it was unbelievable that so many people helped them while searching for her.

When they reunited, Gary said he loved all over her; however, she acted like it’s no big deal.




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