This Man Jumped Out of His Car with a Puppy to Say Hi to the Puppy in the Car Next to Them

Usually, when we see people getting out of their car at red light to talk with people from other vehicles or motorcycles, we find it inappropriate and something that must never be done.

And, this is when road rage increases and people become nervous.

However, if you were to see this situation while waiting the red light to pass, you’ll probably think it’s cute and you may not have any problem waiting a bit.

Namely, this 26-year-old woman, Celina Romera, caught the cutest video of the most adorable red light interactions ever.

It happened on the streets of Tampa, Florida in December last year.

Woman Videos the Loveliest Red Light Moment

The video shows one man getting out of his vehicle during a stoplight, holding a sweet puppy in his hands. He approaches the car next to him from where a German shepherd popped out his head to exchange kisses with the puppy.

When she shared the video on social media, Romera said that she witnessed the purest thing ever.

After the lights changed, the man and the puppy walked back to the car and Romera can be heard telling him ‘it’s okay man, take your time’.

While waiting at the stoplight, the dogs started to bark at each other. And, this is when the puppy owner decided it’s better to let them meet. He decided his puppy is ready to sniff out the German shepherd and him too.

The video Romera shared has been reshared more than 120,000 times. And, it’s definitely a reminder that nothing can make strangers closer as much as seeing dog videos.

What is the cutest moment you’ve witnessed with an animal? Share it with us in the comment section and make other people’s day better!