At the Age of 99, Betty White Puts Fear aside & Kisses a Giant Grizzly Bear

If there was ever a poll for who’s the most beloved actress of all times, it would undeniably place Betty White on the list.

She’s been celebrating a whole career of warming people’s hearts worldwide, mostly with her contagious charisma.

Born in 1922 on January 17th in Illinois, White was an only child. Soon after she was born, her family moved to Los Angeles, California.

And, in the 50s, White got her first job in a local TV station and launched a show named ‘Life with Elizabeth’.

She became more known to the public with her next role on the Mary Tyler Moore Show; thanks to this show, viewers fell in love with her sweet smile and sharp wit.

And, ultimately, it led to the role in the Golden Girls-this secured White’s place in the hearts of millions for good.

This show followed extensively the life of 4, elderly females and become one of the top-rated shows. It aired for 7 seasons and even won several awards, including one Emmy for White.

But, in addition to her acting career, White is also known for her charity work.

Betty White’s Immense Love for Charity & Animals

White loves animals and has been working with the ZOO in Los Angeles and the Morris Foundation for more than 4 decades.

She also said that she feels like the luckiest woman in the world-half of her life she’s been doing a job she loves and the other half is working with animals.

So, it comes as no surprise that she feels so at home around animals. One of the videos that especially caught Betty White’s audience is the one where she sits casually next to a grizzly bear named Bam Bam in the Los Angeles ZOO.

She even gives the big bear a marshmallow and plants a kiss in his big fur! The video is indeed unique; we don’t know many people who have one like this!

So, don’t forget to check it out below and share it with your friends and family to make their day amazing: