Heart-Stopping Moment: 10 Feet Hammerhead Shark Stalking a Swimmer in Miami

Drone footage caught a heart stopping moment that happened in Miami waters- a 10 ft shark was swimming beneath a man who had no clue!

The video shows the man enjoying himself in the clear blue waters while a huge hammerhead is lurking from below.

The local, Jason McIntosh who’s 41 was flying his drone over the waters, 25 meters away from the area and caught the heart-stopping moment.

Man Caught Swimming near Hammerhead Shark

McIntosh explains that he was flying his drone and checking out the south beach to take photos. He’s passionate about photographing wildlife.

He says he’s spotted hammerheads on the shoreline previously; however, he was shocked when he saw this man floating backwards and swimming with the shark circling around him.

McIntosh said he had no way to warn him. When the man is seen on the video, he seems at ease at first, floating on his back gently. He even gives a thumb up to the camera at one point, apparently unaware of the shark.

McIntosh noted how the shark was in its home-it’s their ocean, not ours.

We’re in their environment.

People have been telling him how this is an epic video. When he shared it on his Instagram @jasonmac7, it has amassed a long list of comments from people blown away by the moment.

It has been viewed more than 25,000 times.

Although a one-minute clip, it caught the attention of Mick Fanning, a 3-time world surfing champion who has survived a shark attack when he was competing in Jeffreys Bay in Africa in 2015.

He wrote ‘Holy s***, wow!’

Another person wrote that ‘damn, this is awesome!’

Did the Man Return to Shore Safely?

Eventually, the video shows the shark swimming off and according to McIntosh, the man wasn’t harmed.

Although the situation was quite scary, National Geographic emphasize that these sharks are relatively harmless to humans.

And, it’s not the first time a shark is seen in the waters of Miami recently. CNN reported a 2000 lb white shark nearby, although it had been safely tracked for more than a year.




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