Mom Shares Her $9.28 Pay Check after Working for 70 Hours as a Waitress: People Had Mixed Feelings

This single mother from Texas recently confused the internet by sharing her pay check of of only $9.28 on her TikTok.

The woman, Aaliyah Cortez, got this sum after she worked for 70 hours bartending. People had mixed feelings after they saw the pay check.

Woman Shares Her $9.28 Pay Check from Waiting Tables for 70 Hours

Aaliyah explains that it’s really challenging to be a single mother these days and go to work. She’s also going through a battle for custody.

She would love to be able to spend more time with her son; however, she also has to work so that can have a good life.

She adds that the monthly pay checks are nowhere near fulfilling the needs of workers like her.

She’s a bartender at a local bar and sharing her story on social media has caused people to think more about the injustice in the wages in the service industry.

Moreover, she was honest and said how every time when she opens a check, she chuckles a bit.

Together with her co-workers, they compare checks to see who got the least and end up laughing because it’s ridiculous how little they’re paid.

She’s still Optimistic & Says She Loves Her Job

Despite the hard times, this single mom says she’s optimistic-she loves her job and she’s fortunate enough to make sufficient to get by; however, it’s hard to think that if something unexpected happens, it could hurt her financially.

She wants a stable and consistent pay checks. She says it’s the tips they rely on.

They encourage compassionate guests to not forget tipping them and recommend going only where there are laws for tips. Otherwise, we’re helping the broken system keep going.

Aaliyah is supportive of all single moms and her advice is to keep going. Being a mother and alone is a full-time job.