Man ‘Wrestles’ with an Alligator to Save His Puppy

This brave 74-year-old man didn’t hesitate for a second before he went into a pond to save his puppy from an alligator.

The surveillance camera caught this unbelievable moment: Robert Wilbanks jumped into a pond to save his puppy from being eaten by the alligator.

Viral Video: Man ‘Wrestles’ with an Alligator to Save His Puppy

While on a walk with his 3-month-old puppy Gunner, an alligator jumped out of a pond and grabbed the puppy.

The man, a retiree, was led by his instincts and immediately jumped into the pond to save his puppy. He had to wrestle with the small alligator and managed to open its jaws to get the puppy out.

Gunner was released and Wilbanks also managed to escape. He says it wasn’t very hard for him to open the alligator’s jaws; however, it was challenging to open it wide enough.

But, he says he was taken over by adrenalin and an instinct to save his dog-he saw it as his child and had no second thoughts whatsoever.

The puppy had a puncture injury in the belly but it was successfully treated at the vet’s. Wilbanks also had his hands all chewed up and he had to get a tetanus shot.

Wildlife Is Part of Our World, Wilbanks Believes

Despite the accident, Wilbanks said how he doesn’t want the alligator to be moved away from its habitat.

According to Florida Wildlife Federation regional policy director Meredith Budd, they live on a shared landscape and they don’t just tolerate wildlife, but want to thrive together with them.

Wilbanks agreed with this and he’s fully aware that the alligator reacted in accordance with his nature and was trying to survive.

He says they’re part of our nature and lives and that we have to realize wild animals aren’t here for our benefit. He also added we should be lucky to share this place with them.

Despite his awareness of the importance of wildlife, now, when he takes Gunner to his walks, he’s keeping him on a leash, and at least 10 feet away from ponds.