Girl Age 13 Forced to Marry a 48-Year-Old Man in the Philippines

The 48-year-old farmer Abdulrzak Ampatuan says he plans to have kids with his 13-year-old wife when she turns 20.

They married in the Mamasapano town in the Philippines.

The story that’s been shocking the public lately claims the child has been forced to marry this man and have a wedding ceremony.

The photos show how the man is cradling the teen during their wedding day last year in October.

48-Year-Old Philippine Marries a Child

The disturbing photos continue-in one of them, Ampatuan is seen kissing the child on her cheek.

The child bride who remains unnamed became the fifth wife of Ampatuan in a whole-day wedding ceremony with Islamic religious rites.

And, the information available notes that he showed no remorse for his marriage with a child.

On the contrary, he said how he’s happy to have found her and looking forward to spending his days with her caring for his children.

He also added that he will wait until she turns 20 to have children. And, he’ll send her to school to study while waiting for her to be ready for children.

How Is It still Possible to Marry a Child?

In some parts of the Philippines, particularly in the Mindanao region with Muslim majority, minor girls can marry as long as they’ve entered puberty marked by getting her first menstruation.

According to UNICEF data, this country has the 12th highest number of child brides globally.

The number is shocking 726,000 until now. According to the London campaign group Girls Not Brides, child marriages violate the girls’ right to health, opportunity, and education.

They explain that these marriages harm the human rights and it’s essential to end them once and for all and ensure everyone has a chance for a better future.

Unfortunately, these child brides are often isolated and with limited freedom, causing them to feel powerless. They’re then deprived of their basic rights.

One thing is for sure-kids aren’t emotionally or physically prepared to become wives and moms!




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