Man Says He Refuses to Give Up His Seat for Pregnant Women because of Long Working Hours

This man has caused quite a debate on social media after he wrote publicly that he refused to give up his seat for a woman who was pregnant while commuting because he worked long hours.

In one Reddit thread, this user decided to tell his side of the story. He explained he was travelling home after a 10-hour shift and a ‘heavily pregnant’ lady got on the bus too.

She was looking around for a seat, but she soon realized there was no free one left. So, as he was closest to her, she started to ‘give him the imploring eyes’.

Man Refuses to Give Up His Commute Seat to Pregnant Women

This is when he says he just told her ‘no’. He says he wasn’t rude at all, but said how he had a long day and his feet were sore.

This is when the woman started crying about being pregnant and single mom. He told her that he’s really sorry, but this was her choice and told her she can’t expect from others to accommodate her choices in life.

And, he added how he’s not his job to support her because she was unable to afford a car. When he told her this, he explains how the others in the bus were shocked by his behaviour.

What Did the Reddit Users Have to Say?

People weren’t satisfied and weren’t approving of his attitude- he actually faced criticism towards the pregnant passenger.

One person wrote ‘what’s next, blaming an old person for being old or blaming a deformed person for living? When you see someone is in need of a seat, you give it to them.’

Another user was very distressed by what happened and wrote how telling her it was her ‘personal choice’ to get pregnant makes the man an a**hole’.

One user said how this man failed at showing common courtesy by giving over his seat to someone who clearly needs it more than he does.

Namely, this user explained that if he fell during transit, he might get a bruise and that’s it; however, if this happens to a pregnant woman, she risks losing her child.

But, not everyone was disapproving of what the man did. One Reddit user said how he did the right thing. And, they explained that people shouldn’t be forced to give up their seat just because the person is pregnant.

This user added that pregnancy sucks and can be uncomfortable; however, there’s no reason for the man to suffer. And, since he was also in pain and there were other people who could’ve given up their seat.

What do you think? Did this man do the right thing or not? How would you react? Share your thought with us in the comment section!