Man Rescued from an Apartment where His Mom Kept Him Captive for 28 Years

This mother kept her son inside a dirty apartment for 28 years-according to Sweden.

The captive son, who’s now 41, had almost no teeth and was severely undernourished and full of sores when the police rescued him from the apartment in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The 70-year-old mother was arrested. According to Swedish authorities, the man, when he was still a boy, was taken out of school at the age of 12, and has been locked inside the apartment ever since..

Mother Kept Her Son Locked for 28 Years

One worried relative found the man lying on a blanket on the floor on a Sunday while his mom was out. Sadly, he could barely walk and his speech was limited.

There were infected wounds all over his legs. Moreover, the apartment was soaked in urine and full of garbage- it hasn’t been cleaned since the 90s.

The relative explained it smelled rotten and there was a lot of dirt and dust. She felt like stepping into a horror movie. She did suspect something wasn’t right for decades.

After finding out, she says she felt brokenhearted and in shock. But also, she felt relief. She waited for this day for 20 years after she discovered that his mom had total control over his life.

Sadly, she never imagined the extent of it. She’s happy he survived and that he’s out.

He Was Taken to the Hospital & Underwent Surgery

After taking him out of the apartment, the man was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. The apartment was sealed off and the mother arrested.

According to Emma Olsson, the Stockholm prosecutor, the man may’ve been held captive for 30 years. He’s now okay because the injuries weren’t life threatening.

The mother denied the crimes and said to have been very overprotective because of a previous situation in their family. She’s accused of causing major body harm and false imprisonment.




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