Kishmish Water (Soaked Raisins): Helps You Shed Pounds & Improve Your Blood Pressure

Raisins or dried grapes are one of the most versatile and healthiest foods in the world. You can eat them raw as a healthy snack or add them to healthy desserts.

There are several types of raisins, both differing in size and in color. You can find black, blue, brown, yellow, and even blue and purple ones. In India, they’re known as kishmish and one of the most popular drinks made with them is kishmish water.

These are raisins soaked in water. This beverage promoted as a very healthy drink that can better our health in several ways, including better digestion and more balanced blood pressure.

Soaking the raisins in water actually boosts their nutritional value-when you consume them soaked, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients more efficiently.

It’s already a major health ‘trick’ that people worldwide are doing-so, why not make it your morning routine?

Below, check out its recipe as well as the best health benefits it has to offer!

How to Make Kishmish Water

Pretty easy actually!

It’s best to soak the raisins in water overnight or at least for half an hour so that they plump up. Then, you can consume the raisins and also drink the liquid.

The Best Health Benefits of Soaked Raisins

Betters the digestion

Raisins are abundant in fiber and when consumed previously soaked in water, they act as natural laxatives.

It’s therefore recommended for acute constipation and to maintain a steady digestion.

Balances your blood pressure

Abundant in potassium, raisins may help balance the blood pressure.

Plus, they contain an antioxidant dietary fiber which helps improve the blood vessel biochemistry and makes them less stiff and lowers the risk of high blood pressure.

Helps you shed pounds

Raisins are rich in natural sugars and will help you fight off those sweet cravings without having to consume a lot of calories. But, make sure you consume them in moderation.

When you do this, they can be of aid for a balanced blood sugar, reduced cravings, and higher chances of shedding surplus pounds.

Improves bone strength

Boron, which is pivotal for healthy bones, is found in raisins. Plus, they also have calcium which is also a good nutrient for healthy bones.

And, since soaked raisins help you absorb these nutrients better, it’s an awesome choice for denser bones.

Strengthens the immune system

Abundant in vitamins B and C, raisins are an amazing food to have a stronger immunity and a body less prone to infections and diseases.

Lowers risk of anemia

Iron is a nutrient pivotal for formation of red blood cells in the body.

Luckily, raisins are abundant in it and thus, will help you supply the blood supply in your body and lower the chances of anemia.

Averts bad breath

Did you know that soaked raisins help you enjoy a fresher breath?

Namely, thanks to their antibacterial properties, they will help you eliminate bad bacteria from the oral cavity, which are known to contribute to unpleasant breath.