UK Choir Makes a Lullaby for a 5-Year-Old because it’s the only Thing that Helps Her Fall Asleep

This choir from the UK ‘came to the rescue’ when a little girl from the US was dealing with night terrors.

Thanks to their lullabies, she could fall asleep easier, even from a 3500 mile distance.

Her dad Rick, who’s also a music teacher, saw a video of the Bristol Man Chorus singing shanty sea and played it in front of his daughters, the 5-year-old Roslyn and her sister Evelyn, and they were amazed ever since.

When Roslyn was dealing with night terrors, her dad decided to reach out to the choir to see if they would be willing to help him out.

Smart Dad Asks for Help from US Choir to Help His Daughter Stop Night Terrors

After contacting the choir and telling them what was the problem, the director, Sam Burns, immediately accepted to help and did something amazing.

Believe it or not, they made a special lullaby for their new friend. The lyrics are simple, but oh so beautiful.

Here’s a small part ‘Roslyn,Evelyn, sing good night/Roslyn, Evelyn, close your eyes/The sweetest dreams, all warm and bright/ Roslyn, Evelyn, sing good night’.

And, the choir didn’t just write this sweet lullaby for their biggest fans, but also came up with another idea. The conductor suggested that they arrange a video call to sing the lullaby to the girls.

Thanks to Zoom, after they agreed to do this, the choir gathered and singed the lullaby for the lovely girls.

Does the Lullaby Help Sweet Roslyn?

The girl’s dad says that Roslyn’s getting better and that he believes she loved the personalized song.

According to Sam, their choir was honoured by a request for such a special song and says how they were all cheered up by it.

The lullaby is indeed wonderful.

If you want to hear it, check out the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends, especially the ones with kids-they will appreciate it for sure!




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