Mask Unpleasant Bathroom Odors Naturally with this DIY Poop Spray

Our bodies have the ideal system that allows us to bring in energy through food and to expel the waste through urine and feces.

Although this system is perfect, our wastes don’t always smell neutral. In fact, this depends on a lot of factors, including our overall health, our digestive health, and our diet.

The odors can in fact vary from very mild to very extreme.

For years, people have been buying sprays and fragrant candles to mask the unpleasant bathroom odors; however, a lot of these scents are made using toxic ingredients with dangerous VOCs and other toxins that pollute the air we breathe!

Moreover, synthetic fragrances may also trigger health problems, including allergies, hormone disruptions, reproductive problems in men, and even cancer.

So, it’s always better to opt for this homemade natural spray that will mask unpleasant bathroom odors without you spending too much or worsening your well-being!

DIY Bathroom Poop Spray

You’ll need:

3 ounces of water, distilled or boiled and cooled down

A tsp of rubbing alcohol

40 drops of an essential oil blend (15 drops lavender, 15 drops lime, and 10 drops lemongrass)

A glass spray bottle


Add the rubbing alcohol into the bottle. Add the essential oils and swish slightly to combine them.

Then, add the water. Close the bottle and shake slightly.

How to Use the Spray?

Before using the toilet, spray it with the mix. You can also spray it into the air.

In the toilet bowl, it leaves a film on the top of the water and believed to help trap odors from the waste and ensures they remain below the surface.

When waste hits the film and goes into the water, a pleasant release of fragrance goes into the air. So, it doesn’t just block the unpleasant smells, but it also leaves a better one behind!



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