Reusable Toilet Paper Is now a Thing & It Has Divided People

Since the pandemic started, a lot of people have been shopping on a budget and trying to get the most from the products we use on the daily.

And, one of these things was definitely toilet paper. With a lot of areas facing shortages, some people even went to that extent and made their own, reusable toilet paper.

Once people shared their experiences about reusable toilet paper online, people have taken their sides. Some believe it’s the right thing because it helps our planet while others don’t think it’s the most sanitary thing out there.

No matter our opinion, one thing’s for sure-its popularity is on the rise and it’s one of the most loved eco-friendly products, says Cody Medlina from Tiffy Taffy.

Is Reusable Toilet Safe?

Using a reusable toilet paper certainly has its pros and cons. One of the thing that worries people the most is how sanitary is-some claim it can be if it’s properly taken care of. Most people use it for wiping urine, but some even for feces.

Considering this, you need to ensure their proper storing- some use a sealed bag and then wash it in the machine. Another option is to keep them in tissue boxes.

However, for director and public health research from the University of Arizona, Kelly Reynolds, this isn’t a 100 percent sanitary practice.

She specializes in daily contaminants from households and is worried that the improper storing of reusable toilet can cause further problems.

She explains that in this case, the risk from cross-contamination is high-from the bathroom to the laundry room.

How to Clean my Reusable Toilet Paper?

In addition to being careful with the storing, you also need to clean them optimally.

To avoid pathogens and cross-contamination, wash them on their own in the machine at the highest temperature to kill all bacteria.

However, Reynolds explains that this may destroy the major eco-friendly goal, considering how much energy is necessary to wash them at the highest temperature.

If you decide reusable toilet paper is for you, you can check out the video below about how to make it at home.

But, before you decide it’s the best thing for you and your family, make sure you do thorough research and that you’re keeping all things optimally clean!




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