Siblings Successfully Create High-Tech Helmet for their Immunocompromised Mom

 This brother and sister from Toronto found an innovative method to keep their families safe during the pandemic.

The founders of Vyzr Technologies, Yezin and Dina Al-Qaysi, invented a shielded 360-degree helmet with an air purification system for enhanced protection from the virus.

Dina explained that she and her brother created the helmet, which they named BioVYZER, with their mom in mind. She has compromised immunity and they wanted to make something extra protective for her and people like her.

360-Degree Helmet for Immunocompromised Individuals

The siblings from Concord, Ontario note that the filtered vents with a fan powered by batteries helps remove the ‘stale’ air.

The unique helmet encloses the whole head of the wearer and it extends towards the chest with a plastic piece over the front. It also has side panels to optimize peripheral view.

Yezin emphasizes that the helmet sites over the shoulders like a backpack or vest. He has also worn the helmet around Toronto for months although he got unusual looks from people.

People can clearly see the wearer’s entire face since the helmet has anti-fog tech. And, if the wearer needs to reach inside the helmet to scratch their face or nose or fix their glasses or hair, the design offers two openings on the side with attachable gloves.

The helmet boasts 12-hour battery life and costs $500. When they posted their project on a Crowdfunding site, the siblings got around $1 million in support. And, this has helped them make tens of thousands of these helmets.

It’s Designed with Those of Higher Risk  in Mind

The siblings however explain that this helmet isn’t for everyone-the design is mostly aimed for people who’re working in environments with higher risk or are immunocompromised.

They say that dentists and other health care workers are only some of the professionals who ordered the product.

Other versions of the BioVYZER have already appeared by the Utah Hall Labs and the Florida’s Octo Safety Devices.




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