Superior Ancient Grain: Einkorn Flour Lowers Risk of Eye Illnesses & Encourages Weight Loss

Same as two other ancient types of wheat, emmer and spelt flour, einkorn is covered wheat; however, it’s less abundant in gluten and richer in nutrients than the traditional whole wheat.

Many consider ancient grains more nutritious than the more recent varieties. And, einkorn flour is ancient wheat abundant in trace and dietary minerals.

It supplies you with iron, fiber, thiamine, protein, and numerous B vitamins. It also has lutein-a potent antioxidant.

It can be replaced with whole wheat flour in most recipes; however, bear in mind the texture will be different. Still, considering its amazing health benefits, it’s worth considering!

The Best Health Advantages of Einkorn Flour

Lowers risk of eye illnesses

Sprouting adds a lot of advantages to foods.

In fact, a study from the Agricultural and Food Chemistry journal found that the carotenoids levels in durum, emmer, einkorn, and spelt significantly elevated during sprouting, especially under light.

Carotenoids are considered beneficial for the reduction of the risk of some illnesses like macular degeneration. It’s believed to be a result of their antioxidant properties.

Moreover, research also found that beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein from einkorn may be good for lower risk of eye disease because it can absorb the damaging light which goes into the eyes.

Eating Wheat Bran Flakes For Weigh

Helps you shed pounds

When the body can digest food better, your chance of weight loss is higher.

This flour is great for weight loss when consumed in moderation. It can help lower the chances of obesity and encourage weight loss.

Although limited in fiber, it does contain proteins, fructans, and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as antioxidants.

Its gluten levels are lower

If you have a sensitive belly, einkorn and some other ancient flours are better for you since they’re easier to digest.

This is a result of the lower gluten levels. Moreover, research found that thanks to its lower gluten levels, einkorn is good wheat for people trying to change to a gluten-free diet.

 Still, if you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, einkorn flour isn’t recommendable for you.

Helps relieve symptoms of allergy

In a study published in the Nutritional Science and Vitaminology journal tested 324 types of wheat from different parts of the world for their connection with allergies.

They did it through the major wheat components of gluten, gliadin and glutenin.

The antibodies of patients reacted to each and some varieties, including einkorn, were found to be less allergenic.