The First Space Hotel with Bars & Cinema to Open in 2027

Voyager Class space station will be the first hotel in space which can accommodate 400 people.

The ambitious hotel that’s set to open up in 2025 will have its own restaurant, bars, cinema, and spa.

The OAC is the company which built the Voyager and their goal is to make the hotel operational by 2027.

This company’s focus is on space colonization-something they aim to do with the Voyager station.

The station is described as a rotating space station made to produce different artificial gravity levels by elevating or lowering the rotation rate.

A Hotel in Space with a Bar & Cinema: Really?

The station is designed to accommodate the space agencies doing low gravity research, as well as tourists who want to see what life is like on a big space station relaxing in a nice hotel.

The hotel will be comprised of two, concentric structural rings fixed together.

There will be an outer and an inner ring. The inner one is a docking hub whereas the other one is the station’s backbone and will enable mounting for modules, solar panels, radiators, and a rail transport system.

It will be where people could move about the station freely.

The outer ring will have pods attached below and each of these rings will have a different purpose. Some may be sold the NASA for purposes of research while others may be used for restaurant, bars, and accommodation.

The company hopes that going to space will become another option for people for their vacations.

However, since the overall costs are still pretty high, most people think that space tourism will only be available for the very rich.

Although there’s some truth to it especially in the first years, Gateway Foundation has made it their goal to make space travel available for everyone.

It remains to wait a couple of years and see whether this will be really true. Until then, we can dream of sitting in the lobby of this space hotel!




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