Hero Delivery Driver Saved a Toddler Falling from 12 Storey Balcony

While sitting in his truck waiting to take a package to Hanoi, Vietnam, Nguyen Ngoc Manh heard the cries of a little girl.

Hailed a hero for miraculously catching the toddler who was falling from the 12 storey balcony, he says he initially thought it was just some kid having a tantrum.

But, as soon as people on the street started yelling and panicking, he rolled down his window and looked up from where the voices were coming.

He was shocked when he spotted the toddler hanging 164 feet in the air!

Truck Driver Saves Toddler Falling from 12 Storey Balcony

A father himself, Manh immediately rushed out of his truck and tried to guess where the girl could fall. And, he climbed a 6-foot wall between his truck and the apartment complex.

He later explained he had to scale the wall and saw that the girl could land on the metallic roof of a house that was once the storage for electric generators.

He climbed on top of it. He made it; but unfortunately, he couldn’t stand firmly since the roof was somewhat crooked.

With the girl already losing her grip on the rails, as a video taken from another apartment showed, and fell down, Manh slipped, but he managed to catch the toddler by flanging himself forward.

The toddler wasn’t crying, but blood was dripping from her mouth.

Manh says how she reminded him so much of his child at home and he was confused. He comforted her saying ‘I’m here, I’m here’.

Girl Survives with only Minor Injuries

The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital where she had to be treated for a dislocated hip, but other than that, she was fine. Manh was also treated for a sprained arm.

People on social media learned of Manh’s heroic act and praised him so much.

But, when asked about whether he feels like a hero, he responded that he doesn’t care for any labels, he just wants to do some good.

When he went home after this day, he hugged his own daughter who is approximately the same age as the toddler he saved.

Indeed, an amazing man!