Homeless Man Asked a Burger King Worker what He can Get for $0.50

Matthew Resendez is a young boy who works at a local Burger King.

His mom raised him to be a man without any prejudices, especially for the less fortunate. And, she always taught him to show kindness and love.

This came out to the surface when a homeless man came while Resendez was working his shift  and asked him what he could get for 50 cents.

Resendez knew that 50 cents wasn’t enough even for the cheapest entree on the menu, but he knew he had to help the man.

He had two options, to tell him the truth, that is, there’s nothing for 50 cents or to offer paying his meal.

He knew one thing: he couldn’t leave this man to starve.

Burger King Worker Pays for a Homeless Man’s Meal

Although the story could’ve ended with Resendez paying for the homeless man’s meal, it didn’t. One woman who was eating there noticed what Matthew did and was amazed by his act of kindness and tipped him with $100.

She also wrote to the company to inform them about this amazing and caring employee.

When Matthew’s mother Michelle, learned what happened that day, she says she felt so proud of her son.

And, she shared the inspiring story on her Facebook. She also added how she can now pat herself on the back because she played a role in raising this man with a big heart.

Matthew showed exceptional kindness because most other workers would probably tell the man there’s nothing for that price and that he should leave the restaurant. Matthew cared and was rewarded for it.

We also think that Matthew’s act is amazing-if only there were more people like him, the world would be such a better place to live in, don’t you agree?




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