Woman Decides to Grow Her Moustache & Unibrow to ‘Weed Out’ Bad Dates

The 31-year-old Eldina Jaganjac got some pretty cruel comments and stares from strangers because she has a full moustache and a unibrow.

Jaganjac, a tutor from Copenhagen, Denmark, decided to accept her upper lip hair and the one between her brows.

She did this to recognize bad dates immediately. She says it has taught her to embrace who she really is.

Growing up in a small town, she has been surrounded by people with certain expectations when it comes to beauty norms.

She soon became frustrated with the constant expectations of people that women should be free of hair.

Limited Options to How a Woman Should Look

Jaganjac explains that before she started growing her unibrow, she felt like the options to how a woman should look like were quite limited.

In comparison to men, she believes women are expected to spend more money and time on their looks to be visually acceptable in society, particularly in public spaces.

On the other hand, when a man doesn’t shave or pluck his eyebrows, no one will notice something isn’t right. So, like many other women, she says she’s learned to police herself.

Namely, she felt uncomfortable to leave her home unless her eyebrows were of the accepted small size or didn’t go to the gym if her legs weren’t shaved.

This is why she’s decided to focus on the goals and tasks she has to do instead on how she looks like when she does them and whether she’s acceptable to others or not.

They probably won’t see her and even if they do, she says she doesn’t care.

I’ve Become more Confident & Unbothered by Others’ Opinions

Eldina says that leaving her facial hair as it is has elevated her confidence and she’s unbothered by what people think of her looks.

This is despite some rude comments she gets from some people. Still, she believes it’s a personal choice for every person to be themselves and she wishes people didn’t care so much about how a woman looks like.

Some people have been approaching her on the street, telling her how she looks cool while others yell at her. Although it was unpleasant at first, if others don’t have anything else to do than yell at people they don’t know, so be it.

She refuses to waste her energy on people who have a lot of time on their hands.

She believes that from a teen’s perspective, it’s harder to grasp gender roles so she believes seeing a woman behaving in a ‘less feminine’ way confuses them and so they let it out on her.

She actually makes them question their own norms and understanding of what a man or what a woman is.

Despite getting stares in her unshaved legs and unibrow, she believes her unusual appearance has a major advantage: she can quickly assess if a person is worthy of her time or not.




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