“Naughty” Dog Snatched the Microphone of a Reporter’s Hand on Live TV

Nadezhda Serezhkina is a Russian field reporter who found herself without her microphone after a naughty golden retriever jumped into her while she was doing the weather forecast and took it.

The golden retriever found the most inopportune moment to begin a fetch game.

Serezhkina was doing her live weather forecast on the Mir TV when the cutest and surprising co-anchor appeared and crashed it.

Golden Retriever Thinks It’s Play Time

In the viral video, Serezhkina is doing her live weather report and communicates with the host in the studio, Elina Dashkueva, when the furry head appears into the friend.

The noggin was of the naughty golden retriever who wandered into the shot without being noticed and snatched the microphone Serezhkina was holding in her hand.

He immediately ran off while the reporter and her camera started to chase it to get the microphone back. Meanwhile, Dashkueva is left in shock in the studio and continues the live news report.

Eventually, she appeared on the screen once more, but this time, she had the microphone back in her hands and a new furry friend by her side.

Although it wasn’t shown on the camera, the reporter succeeded to reach the thieving doggo and made friends.

She and the dog finished the segment side-by-side.

This is definitely a ‘thief’ we all love, don’t you agree?-Check out the hilarious video below!




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