For the First Time ever: A Baby Born with 3 Penises

In Duhok, Iraq, one unidentified baby boy had to undergo a surgery to remove two additional appendages after being born with three penises.

This is also the first triphallia case recorder, according to the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. It’s a rare deformity which means the baby is born with three penises.

According to doctors, only one in five to six millions of boys have more than one penis.

And, being born with two is rare; only 100 cases of babies with two penises have been recorded globally as of 1609.

The First ever Baby Boy Born with 3 Penises

Although a similar case was reported in 2015 in India, experts weren’t able to determine if it was true or not. So, it wasn’t recorded in the medical journal.

When doctors observed the baby from Duhok, they discovered that only one of the three penises was functional.

The two others had no urethra and concluded surgery was the best option for the boy.

The surgery went well and the boy was released from the hospital. On his one-year checkup, everything was just fine.

What Could Be the Reason for a Baby to Be Born with Multiple Penises?

Usually, this condition may be a result of the baby being exposed to drugs while in the womb or a family history of genetic abnormalities; however, neither of these were the reason for this Iraqi baby’s three penises, according to Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali, the author of the report.

Be that as it may, scientists continue being perplexed by this condition and its uniqueness.




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