The Amazing Benefits of Aunts: Why They may Be as Important as Mums

It comes as no surprise to learn that a positive female role model is pivotal for young girls.

This is particularly beneficial today when we live in the world of social media, a lot of bullying, and the continuously changing ‘norms’ for women.

This is why a nurturing and progressive woman can have a wonderful influence on young women. For many young ladies, this woman is their aunt-the ideal blend of a mom figure and a friend.

She’s someone who’s part of the girl’s roots, but also gives her space to grow and discover new things in comfortable non-judgmental environment.

Why Are Aunts so Important for Young Girls?

When parents are emotionally or physically unavailable, aunts can be the trusted mentor the girls can reach out to.

According to founder of Savvy Auntie and bestselling author, Melanie Notkin, aunts are the non-judgmental ear for young ladies. They support them and help them resolve challenges and show them they’re not alone.

An aunt-niece bond is unique because even though the aunt is an older and mother-figure woman, she’s not the mom.

This woman helps the young girls feel freer and give her enough space to express herself differently than she would at home.

When an aunt has positive influence on young girls and teaches her about the good world views and lifestyles, a young woman learns a lot about herself and the world it surrounds her.

Aunts provide support, fun, emotional growth, and eventually say bye-bye until you see them again. They’re not there for your daily tasks, but do influence the well-being of young women as they approach adulthood.

What Does Science Have to Say about the Aunt-Niece Relationship?

According to one research, when 30 childless women over the age of 60 were interviewed, it was concluded that these aunts hoped they’ve affected the lives of their nieces positively.

And, many of these women compared the relationships of aunts and nieces to that of parents and their children.

Research also found that aunts are very important for nieces because they help them vent about life, enjoy play time, strengthen their sense of self, get advice without judgment and risks, reveal fears, establish goals, and navigate through problems with their parents.

How to Be a Great Aunt

If you’re an aunt to a girl, make sure you follow these tips to establish a beautiful relationship with her:

  • Create a quality bond from early on-spend time together, have experiences; take walks in the park, read books together, play hide and seek.
  • Be part of her life- whether it’s a soccer game together or some ice cream and cacao, be there for her and show her she can rely on you.
  • Play with her when she’s young-playtime is pivotal for the overall well-being of children. It allows them to discover new things.

Whether you role play favorite characters or build a castle from sand, you’ll help her develop a sense of independence.

  • Support her- aunts’ supportive and nurturing role is pivotal.

Be her shoulder to lean on and show her this. Whether joyous or hard moment, she’ll always appreciate that extra support.




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