Wonderful Hiker Rescues a Dog Trapped in a Floridian Cave

Joe Dunn is a hiker who’s regularly hiking the wilderness in Florida; however, he didn’t expect to set himself into a rescue mission of a sweet dog that he found to be trapped in a cave.

While in the Withlacoochee State Forest, he heard some desperate cries and then saw they were coming from a cave where there was a trapped dog.

He later said how these cries aren’t pleasant at all. They were disturbing and made him sad.

He knew he had to do something and get the dog out of the cave.

Hiker Sets Out on a Rescue Mission for a Dog Trapped in a Cave

The skinny and tan dog somehow fell into the 20-feet hole.

Dunn explained it was the saddest thing. Without any tools to haul the dog into safety and poor cell coverage, he tried to lower one tree branch to see if the dog could climb it and get out.

But, the poor thing couldn’t. This is when he decided to make the 4 mile hike and try and find help. He also shared a plea for help online and luckily, several people offered to help.

The next day, they came back to the cave, this time, to get the poor thing out of the cave.

Dunn shared the story on his Facebook that although he wasn’t able to help the dog when he first found it, people offered to help him and they went back the other day and successfully rescued the dog.

They used several ropes and one of the men went into the cave. He hoisted the dog onto the ropes and then they lifted her up.

The Dog’s Name Was Sally & She Was Missing from Her Home

The dog, which they later discovered was named Sally, was very happy and relieved to be out of there. She had a tag on with a number and her name.

The people who found her later called the owner. Her family was over the moon that their Sally was safe; they told them she was missing for three weeks.

That day, the family and Sally reunited. It was the best thing ever.

Dunn also shared a video of the rescue on YouTube and expressed his gratitude for the people involved and for the others who spread the world.




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