A Brave, Rescue Husky Dies Protecting His Hoomans from a Deadly Cobra

It was a sad day for this Indonesian family when they needed to put to rest their rescue husky named Dai Bao after he heroically tried to protect the property from a cobra.

This Siberian husky gave his life defending the home of his family.

He was alone outside in his family’s home in Taiping, Perak, Indonesia when a venomous cobra came into the property.

In an effort to help and protect the property from potential harm, he attacked the massive, 4-foot long snake. Although he significantly injured it, the snake didn’t leave him uninjured.

Daio Bao Loses His Life Trying to Protect His Family

One of his owners said that she found the dog with the dangerous snake in his mouth after checking up on an alarming barking that she heard.

She recalls how the dog loosened his bite when she came from inside and then the snake fell to the ground. This is when his owner spotted the bloody nose of the husky, his eyebrows all swollen, and with several other injuries on his body.

It was evident that Dai Bao was bitten by the snake. When the snake was under control, the owners of Dai Bao rushed him to the vet to get medical treatment.

Heartbreaking News at the Vet’s Office

Unfortunately, the vets told them the news no pet owner wants to hear. The vet said that they should be prepared for the worst because they have no venom antiserum in their country.

Although Dai Bao was treated with injections and an IV drip, it wasn’t sufficient to save this brave husky from the fatal bites the cobra inflicted.

It was heartbreaking to lose their loved family member. Dai Bao was rescued by his beloved family after four years spent on the streets, malnourished, and ill with several skin illnesses.

The current family had him since 2019. The children of the family were devastated; they were the ones who named the dog, reportedly after Dumbo, a main character in a Disney movie.

Since 2019, the family helped the dog recover and gain weight, improve his health, and had so many joyous moments, although shortly.

Dai Bao was laid to rest in one of his favourite places to play-a large tree next to his family’s home.




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