Stunning Lava Show Caught by a Drone as the Icelandic Volcano Erupts for the First Time in 6000 Years

The Icelandic Fagradalsfjall volcano started its long-awaited eruption recently. It’s actually the first one on the Reykjanes Peninsula in approximately 800 years.

Vilius Petrikas, a drone cameraman, was there and caught this eruption by operating his drone to fly over the area.

The stunning footage he made show the volcanic cone and the surrounding smaller cones exploding whereas the valley surrounded by the mountains was slowly filling with lava.

A lot of people who saw the video online were curious to know if the drone survived the encounter.

Amazing Lava Show in Iceland for Everyone to See Thanks to this Drone Operator

Vilius who’s 30 and resides in Reykjavik said that the eruption left him speechless and it’s not easy to describe how it looked and felt from nearby-it was an overwhelming power, he added.

He said that he’s also processing what he saw and was looking forward to going back there and feeling the immense power of nature again.

And, it’s even more interesting that the Fagradalsfjall volcano has erupted for the first time in 6000 years.

The volcano was dormant for 6000 years and it’s located in a valley around 2.5 km from the nearest road; so, some evacuations were necessary.

The trigger were thousands of small earthquakes in the three weeks preceding the eruption, explain the volcano experts from the IMO.

Still, they were surprised because the seismic activity slowed down prior to the eruption.

Many locals also drove nearby by to watch the impressive view from a safe distance.

Unlike the 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which led to the ceasing of flights and many Icelanders to get out of their homes, this eruption wasn’t expected to release a lot of ash and smoke into the atmosphere, said IMO experts.




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