Adventurous Goat Stuck on a Snowy Mountain Was so Happy to See Her Rescuers

This poor goat was lost in the snow-covered Austrian Alps, but is now safe and sound thanks to this alpine rescue team who didn’t hesitate for a second when they got the call to save her.

Gretl the goat was first seen by two hikers who were going towards the Mount Olperer, a 11,404-foot-tall mountain in Tux Finkenberg.

This goat followed the two hikers up the summit like a real pro climber; however, despite their efforts, the goat didn’t follow them downwards.

Rather, she wandered off.

These Harsh & Snowy Mountains Weren’t Best for the Goat

The goat shouldn’t be so high up the mountains because the cold was very harsh and it put her survival into question.

A day later, one gondola operator spotted her; he then contacted one alpine rescue group from Tux Finkenberg.

The team of four started to trek up the steep slope on the north to try and locate the goat. Eventually, they saw her and she was also very happy to see them.

But, because the goat was so tired, she couldn’t walk and one of the hikers carried her on his back. She seemed to enjoy it very much.

Gretl the Goat Had the Best Rescuers

One of the rescue team members hoisted the goat on his shoulders and carried her down the snowy peak. The rescue team later said this was probably the most unusual rescue mission they’ve had.

In the gondola, Gretl seemed to enjoy the scenic and restful ride.

And, she got a very lovely surprise when they arrived down safely. A bucket full of leafy greens waited for her!

And, soon after, a goat farm nearby took her in.

Then, they located her owner. She is now safely home and although they’re not sure how she got away from her home, she’s hopefully put her days of adventure behind.




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