A Dog Rescued from Meat Farm Tries Walking on Grass & Chews a Stick for the First Time

Pocket is the sweetest dog ever-he was rescued from a horrifying dog meat farm in the South of Korea and has been brought to the US to start a new, fear-free life.

Unfortunately, he’s a dog that never saw sunshine before, never got a chance to enjoy the happiness of chewing a stick, never walked on freshly grown grass, and never had a bowl of water brought to him, until he was rescued.

Pocket Gets Rescued from a Meat Farm & Is now Having the Time of His Life

Together with hundred other dogs, Pocket was rescued from the terrible farm by the HSI and the farm was also closed.

Pocket was a dog who only knew about a metal cage and little did he know that he was about to have the world open up to him.

Although he had a hard time at first because he was insecure and afraid, he’s slowly learning to love life and all the joys it offers.

This video below shows the lovely dog walking on grass for the first time. Although he was tentative at first, he soon hunches over and begins to explore.


His new family is by his side to reassure him and give him support.

Another video shows him 2 days after he was adopted by his new family and hanging out with his new buddy and even chewing a stick.


Indeed, one thing’s for sure; no dog should spend life in a cage and every dog in the world deserves the chance to enjoy the outdoor world and have good companions.

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