Man Comes at a Nigerian Wedding with 6 Pregnant Women, all Carrying His Children

This Nigerian playboy raised eyebrows when he arrived at his friend’s wedding with 6 amazing women, claiming he’s the dad of the babies they’re all carrying.

The owner of a nightclub, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, who’s known by the nickname Pretty Mike, claims he’s living his best life while being an expectant dad of 6 babies from different moms.

Pretty Mike Steals the Show at a Friend’s Wedding

The guest stole the show with his stunning entourage when he arrived at the wedding of his pal, actor Williams Uchemba.

Wearing a fuchsia pink collarless suit, the socialite was photographed together with the pregnant ladies who all wore matching silver dresses.

In a video posted on his Instagram, @prettymikeoflagos, the entrepreneur is seen greeting each of the supposed moms-to-be with kisses and rubs on their belly as they’re entering the venue.

Smiling broadly in the photos and videos, Pretty Mike captioned the photos ‘PM and his 6 baby mothers to be…no film trick, we are just living our best life’.

The Pretty Mike Controversy

The audience had mixed response-one user accused him of upstaging the groom and bride. Another one wrote that ‘this is the reason I must have heavy military presence at my wedding venue. You’ll not come and chase clout on my special day’.

Pretty Mike is known for his attention-grabbing posts on social media; he’s the co-owner of a Club Uno in Lagos with his brother as of 2007.

The attention-loving businessman is often photographed enjoying his lavish lifestyle in colorful outfits, feathered white wings, horned headgear, and his trademark-a colorful umbrella.

In his newest Instagram post, Pretty Mike, who graduated in computer engineering and went to school and university in the US, shared a video in bed with four seemingly-naked ladies.

The video shows him and these women cuddled up in bed while he’s waking up and stretching his arms around the women and smiling.

Then, the shot goes to five pairs of bare feet poking out from the white sheets.

He’s a renowned playboy in Nigeria and has been quite open about his relationships and the women he dates; even though he once said he’s planning to get married soon.

A comrade to controversy, he was once arrested by the Lagos State government in 2017 for degrading and dehumanizing attitude after he shared footage of him walking women on leads for dogs.

His dramatic entrances are common photo ops in Nigeria.

Just last year, he was photographed coming at an even reclined on a chaise lounge which was carried by 6 men who were wearing white shorts and white mask.




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