People Are Growing Gardens Right Out of Bags of Soil & It Seems Genius

Have you ever dreamed of a veggie garden where you never need to pull out weeds or to bend over and take them out?

If you have a garden, you probably thought of this at least once. If you want to ease gardening, protect your knees, and make it more enjoyable, we have a cool and practical suggestion for you.

It’s known as bag gardening-you can actually grow veggies out of bags full of soil and helps you say goodbye to those annoying weeds for good.

How to Grow a Garden inside a Bag of Soil

According to the woman who shared this method, one Julie Morgan, you can do bag gardening easily at home. Morgan explains she learned it from Kim A. Desmuke from North Texas Gardeners.

In her Facebook post, Morgan wrote about planting veggie gardens in bags filled with potting soil. Thanks to this amazing trick, you won’t have any annoying weeds to deal with.

Plus, if you set them on metal sawhorse grates, you can have a small, waist-level garden.

Thanks to this idea, you will no longer have to break your back to do your gardening.

What to Do First?

To begin with this type of gardening, you need several bags of potting soil. Get big ones unless you only want to grow a few plants.

Morgan uses bags with 2-cubic feet of soil. Then, rumple the bags slightly to loosen up the soil and get the air flowing before planting.

Then, you make several homes in the bottom of each bag.

This is essential for proper drainage. Next, place the bags on a flat and smooth surface where drainage can be done without obstruction. Morgan placed hers on sawhorse grates.

After this step, it’s time for planting!

How to Plant in the Bags with Soil?

After setting the bags, it’s time to cut off the top of the bag and leave a 4 to 5 inch border around the bag.

Prior to setting in the seeds, loosen up the soil a bit more. Shake the seeds across the soil and lightly cover them with more soil.

Spray them so that they set in.

If you want to grow spinach or radish seeds, make soil lines according to the depth of the seed packets.

Wait before they establish roots and only mist them. You can water them normally once they’ve matured.

When growing plants in bags with soil, you may need to water them a bit more often since the soil isn’t as deep. But, although the soil should be moist, it should never be soaking wet.

The Best Part: Harvesting Your Plants

Once grown, it’s time to harvest your goodies. If you have spinach and lettuce, only cut their leaves, don’t pull out the plant!

Expect the leaves to grow back quickly and you’ll have more incoming green goodies your way.




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