Student Transforms His Wheelchair into a Badass Mad Max Cosplay

This amazingly talented engineering student Ben Carpenter didn’t allow his wheelchair to limit his cosplay dreams.

Hence, he successfully transformed his wheelchair into a menacing buggy which looks like it’s straight out of a Mad Max movie.

This Floridian cosplayer was born with spinal muscular atrophy and wanted to recreate the early scenes of Mad Max chained up by carboy Nux.

The contraption debuted at the Dragon Con in Georgia in 2018, entirely with black rims and mask; he was joined by Amy, his friend, who played the war girl.

They looked stunning and so memorable!

Student Transforms His Wheelchair into a Mad Max Cosplay

Carpenter explained he welded the ‘Bloodbag-mobile’ on his own. He also made an alternate version with a buggy, rather than a chariot.

When the pair appeared at the then-Georgian Dragon Con convention, all eyes were on them. Many claimed the pair had the best costume ever.

When he wasn’t cosplaying, Carpenter was welding and he did a pretty good job.

This is one of the projects he’s most proud of and in one of his posts, he described how this experience was absolute blast, both driving and building the Bloodbag mobile.

Unfortunately, Carpenter lost his battle with the disease in 2019.

However, he will never be forgotten and all of his creations are the legacy he left behind. Everyone who saw it will always remember him.

Cheers to a man who knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go for it.




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