Dad Builds a Rooftop Lookout Post for His Dog to Keep an Eye on Everyone

This Hawaiian dog seems to be having the time of his life. And, he has a family that fulfills all of its wishes.

Because he recently gave them a bit of scare, they built him an unusual watchtower. When you usually look up at a rooftop, you expect to see some bird, right?

But, not when you look at this home-you’ll actually see the dog named Check gazing at you.

The twitter user Alyxah who’s also his owner shared photos of the new lookout post of Check and explained the story about how this unusual doggo house came about.

Dog Gets the Most Unusual Lookout Post

Check’s hoomans had just moved into their home, his mom explained.

And, shortly after they left Check on his own for the first time, they got an odd call from their neighbors who told him Check was adventuring on the roof.

Together with her boyfriend and his dad, they made him the rooftop checkpoint thanks to the large lanai with access to the rooftop.

But, it wasn’t always like this-the first time they saw him up, they called the fire department!

However, instead of blocking the roof completely, the family had a different solution. And, it’s definitely the cutest thing ever.

They did block access to the entire roof, but made him a small lookout for the dog to see his family leave and then when they come back. And, this is a place where he can also hang out during the day.

He also loves keeping an eye on passers-by. This curious pooch got just what he wanted and he’s happy to have such caring and understanding hoomans!

What about you? Would you build this type of unique lookout for your pet? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!