New Smart Farming Robot ‘Smokes’ Weeds with Its High Power Lasers for Healthy Weeding

Weeds can be a real nightmare for farmers, but there may finally be a way to get rid of them efficiently and with minimal human effort.

Namely, this innovative, third-generation weeding robot which has recently been presented to the public is powered by AI and kills weeds with its lasers fast and effectively.

It’s praised as the ultimate labor-saving device and even more important, it removes the need to use chemical herbicides. The method of de-weeding is Certified Organic and aligns with regenerative practices.

A Promising Innovative Weeding Robot with AI

The robot, named Autonomous Weeder, is sold by Carbon Robotics.

It’s claimed to be able to remove 100,000 weeds per hour and clear out 15 to 20 acres daily. This number would require manual labor by humans for an entire season.

Running on a row of crops, the robot’s twelve cameras scan the ground, searching for weeds through machine-learning and then destroys them using a CO2 laser.

These lasers use reactions between helium, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon to produce potent light beans concentrated through mirrors located in the laser.

Moreover, the supercomputer on board optimizes the precision with the laser and reduces the risk of damaging precious crops to a minimum.

Farmers Are Already Praising this New Tech

According to James Johnson from the Carzalia Farm, this robot is without doubt one of the most innovative and crucial techs for farmers. He has already used the robot on his farm.

He believes it will go mainstream because of how effective it addresses some of the major challenges in farming like chemical overuse, labor, and process efficiency.

With this robot, Johnson believes, only sky is the limit.

Another proof that this is a promising tech is the fact that the 2021 model has already been sold out, even though its price was quoted at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company has been making efforts to increase the device’s accessibility so there are lease options and the 2022 models are available for pre-ordering.




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