Sheldon the Dog Flunked Out of Service Training & Became a Pro at Sniffing Out Arson

After Sheldon the dog ‘flunked’ service dog training, he soon found his true calling.

This lovely canine became an arson K9 detective. Sheldon the black Labrador is a proof that we all have a calling in life and that we may not find it right away.

After he was enrolled to become a service dog with the Wayland’s Paws with a Cause several years ago, he didn’t finished the course.

He flunked out because he was easily distracted.

His nature was very curious and he was constantly sniffing out things and discovering them. This prevented him from focusing and learning the tasks necessary for becoming a service dog.

But, these traits turned out to be very beneficial for a dog detective career.  

Sheldon the Labrador Flunks Out of Service Training & Becomes an Arson-Sniffing Dog

The Labrador and golden retriever dog mix has super-sniffing skills and they didn’t go unnoticed. After he left the service dog training, the State Farm Arson Dog Program took him in.

There, he rose up the ranks and sniffed out fuels and accelerants that are used in arson fires.

Back in 2019, the sniffing expert canine partnered with Lieutenant John Tadlock from the Saginaw Fire Department in Saginaw, Texas and became the first accelerant and fuel sniffing dog in the department.

Today, the dog sniffing detective has a daily job of sniffing out accelerants at fire scenes and helping the police find arsonists.

A Unique Bond that Lasts Forever

He completed his full certification under the State Farm Arson Dog Program with Lieutenant Tadlock. This program began in 1993 and it’s trained more than 425 dogs.

For now, 100 human-canine arson teams operate in North America.

Since they’ve partnered, Tadlock and Sheldon became very close and they hope their relationship lasts for many more years to come.

When he’s not busy sniffing arsons and helping the police, Sheldon’s working on daily training tasks at home with Tadlock or just being an ordinary dog.

A beloved pet of the family, when the time for retirement comes, he will continue enjoying his golden years surrounded by friends in the same family.

It seems like this detective dog is living the days of his life!




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