These Beautiful Italian Towns Will Pay You to Live there If You Work Remotely

Remote working has grown in popularity, especially because of the pandemic which closed so many offices and transformed our homes into work stations.

But, working remotely doesn’t mean you have to do it from home-you could very well sit at a sandy beach and do your thing.

Or, you could be doing it from a stunning Italian village. Italian lovers will be amazed to hear that there’s a picturesque village in Italy which offers to pay workers who move there.

This is a part of their effort to attract newcomers.

Italian Town Inviting People to Come Live & Work to Restore Its Population

The villages, Santa Fiore in Tuscany and the Rieti in Lazio, will pay these newcomers up to 50 percent of their rent if they move there and telecommute long-term.

The rents are already pretty low so this is a quite attractive deal. However, take into account that this is no vacation.

To apply, you need to have an active job. You can actually do it on your panoramic terrace on your laptop, gazing at the olive fields and sipping a glass of wine.

As long as you’re tech-savvy to do your job from a laptop, you’re a great fit.

Even though Italy is still emerging from its pandemic wave which hit them pretty hard, they’re hopeful that they’ll raise the prospect of enjoying the Italian summer and reopen for travelers.

Many Italians moved away from their bustling cities into the more remote locations, mostly to practice social distancing and to reduce the contagion rates.

Therefore, the ‘smart-working’ villages there are flourishing with the local authorities grasping the potential to improve their internet and setting up labs for telecommuters.

Santa Fiora Village-the Heart of Wild Tuscany

This medieval village is nestled in the Monte Amiata natural reserve and it’s close to Siena.

Their population is around 2,500 residents, however, their mayor Federico Balocchi believes that tech and remote work will revolutionize this village.

The workers willing to relocate there and rent a house will be given up to 200 Euros or 240 Dollars, i.e. 50 percent of the total rent for a stay between two and six months. The goal is to make Santa Fiora the newcomers’ favorite flexible office.

Santa Fiora, besides a broadband connection, offers a slow life away from the chaos and smog of cities. If you want a quiet and relaxed life surrounded by beautiful nature, this is the perfect place for you.

You’ll need to provide documents about what you exactly do for a living (freelance reporting, online cooking lessons, brokering world peace, architecture, poetry, design, etc.). You forward them together with the online application form.

In Santa Fiora, you can bike, trek or horseback ride. You also have a popular international music festival to attend there in summer and food fairs.




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