Bikers Line Up at a Girl’s Lemonade Stand after Her Mom Helped Save them during the Crash

Around thirty bikers pulled over for lemonade at a girl’s lemonade stand to everyone’s surprise. You don’t often see bikers at a lemonade stand, right?

This one was organized by Daryn Sturch’s daughter Bryanne in Chili, Indiana.

Sturch said of the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group bikers who arrived at her daughter’s lemonade stand that she had no idea there would be so many and that they’ll show so much generosity.

Bryanne was charging a dollar per a lemonade, yet every one of the bikers gave her a $5, $10 or $20 dollars, said her mom. Bryanne was really happy.

The Story behind so many Bikers Lined Up at this Girl’s Lemonade Stand

In 2018, Sturch who’s a nurse was driving on the State Road 19 with her daughter in the car when she saw a tangled motorcycle crash. She parked aside so her daughter doesn’t see and then ran up to help them.

Some of the bikers were seriously injured.

She helped five of them until the paramedics arrived. Afterwards, she connected with the bikers on Facebook and soon developed an online friendship with the group.

Amazing Support whenever She Needs Them

The group became the first people who cheer her on and root for her for different things in her life.

After her 8-year-old daughter’s lemonade stand wasn’t very successful and she told them, the bikers told her to try again next week.

This is when the group from Komono, Indiana arrived, including three of the injured riders in the crash. One of the injured hadn’t ridden his bike since then.

Bryanne was beyond happy and surprised when she saw them.

Her mom said she told her that these were ‘nice people in the world’. Bryanne jokingly said that it was a good thing she wore waterproof mascara that day!

These are amazing people, don’t you agree?-We would all benefit from a support system like this!