Campfire Strawberries apparently Make You Forget about S’mores

S’mores are without doubt one of our favorite summer pleasures, right?

But, don’t be fooled; s’mores are delicious, but there’s something else that’s also yummy and a real enjoyment during hot summer days at the campfire!

And, who says you can’t have both, right?

Campfire strawberries are increasingly popular: you just need two simple ingredients to make them, i.e. strawberries and marshmallow fluff.

This tasty treat will leave you amazed and coming back for more. Those campfire get-togethers will now take on an entirely different dimension!

Let’s check out the recipe together.

How to Make Tasty Campfire Strawberries

You’ll need:

Several skewers


Flame of fire (campfire or a gas stove indoors)

Marshmallow fluff

How to do it:

You need to pierce the strawberries with a skewer. Then, melt the marshmallow fluff in the microwave, around 5 seconds are enough.

Take it out and dip the skewered strawberries into the fluff. Roast them onto the flame until toasted and brown and serve.

Remember to turn them occasionally to ensure all of the sides are toasted.

Serve them at your next bonfire and enjoy!

Before heading out, don’t forget to share this wonderful recipe with your family and friends.

Considering the fact we’re in strawberry season and the weather is improving, spending more time outdoors will be a common thing these days!




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