Straight & Married Dad of Three Says He Wears Skirts & Heels to Work because ‘He Can’

For this dad of three, getting dressed up is quite the drag. Mark Bryan is an American robotics engineer who lives in Germany.

He wears skirts and heels to work every day because he wants to prove that clothes don’t have gender.

Bryan is sharing photos of his style on his Instagram @MarkBryan911. In his bio, he explains that he’s a straight and happily married guy.

Followed by 62,000 people, Bryan adds he loves Porsches, beautiful women, and adding high heels and skirts to his daily wardrobe.

The Straight & Married Dad Who Loves Skirts & High Heels

Bryan says he often wears plaid miniskirts, suede boots, and red pumps. He also likes pencil skirts. He explains that he likes skirts more than dresses.

The 61-year-old adds that dresses don’t allow him to mix the genders. He wants a ‘masculine’ look above the waist and a non-gendered look below the waist.

His choice of footwear is also interesting.

Bryan who also coaches football often chooses Lost Ink’s heels. He has pairs of stilettos and sandals with open toes because he believes their products are great for men because their fit is wider.

Why Does Bryan Love Wearing Skirts & Heels?

Bryan says that his reasons for wearing these clothes are non-sexual. This is habit that started in college with an old flame.

They would practice dancing together, both wearing high heels. Soon enough, it became a normal thing for him.

He compares the experience of seeing a person in public with a green hair.

You look up to them and your mind tells you it’s a person with green hair and you think ‘oh, it’s interesting’ and then you go back to doing what you were doing and don’t give it another thought.

His wife, with whom he’s been for 11 years, is assisting her husband choosing the clothes he buys and very often, their daughter wishes she could borrow his dad’s shoes.

With his 6 feet and heels, he’s quite the towering figure. And, he says that even when he was working from home because of the pandemic, he wore his business attire.

Bryan advises men that they should start with low heels and then work their way up as their confidence increases!




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