Say Goodbye to Annoying Mosquitoes with this DIY Repelling Citronella Candle

Citronella is definitely one of the most popular ingredients used for repelling mosquitoes and other annoying and biting insects. Citronella is so good at doing this because it masks our bodies with a unique aroma which these insects can’t stand.

And, it doesn’t harm us at all considering its repellent properties are non-toxic. However, this doesn’t mean every store-bought citronella option is safe. In fact, some can be combined with harmful additives.

This is why it can be really helpful to make your own DIY citronella candles and finally get rid of annoying insects easily without any chemicals.

Summer already looks better, right?

DIY Toxin-Free Citronella Candles

You’ll need:

Soy wax flakes

Glass jars or metal tins

Candle wicks

Citronella essential oil or some other type of oil if you don’t have this one (peppermint, grapefruit or sweet orange)

Bamboo skewers

Hot glue gun

Empty tin can or a candle pouring pot

A large pot


Glue the wicks to the bottom of each tin, in the center. Then, pour the soy wax flakes into the candle pouring pot or tin. You’ll need twice as much soy flakes than the volume of the candle tin or a jar.

Let’s say you’ve chosen a four ounce tin-you’ll need eight ounces of wax.

Pour the candle pouring pot into the bigger pot with enough water to go up the sides of the candle pot. Now, heat the water, but don’t let it boil, until the wax melts. With a bamboo skewer, mix the flakes to speed up the melting.

Once it melts, allow it to cool down for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, add 30 to 40 drops of citronella oil to the wax and mix.

Transfer the wax into the tins and leave a ¼-inch space on the top. Wrap the surplus wick around a bamboo skewer and rest it onto the tin’s rim. Leave it to cool down and solidify.

When the wax has gone hard, unwrap the wick from the skewer and cut the wick to a bit less than ½ inch.

Now, time to light the candles and scare away those annoying insects from your garden!




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