How to Make Your DIY Rosemary Sage Smudge Sticks for Proper Cleanse & Blessings

Smudge sticks originate from Native American culture. Native Americans smudge on a regular basis, both in ceremonies and at home as a blessing and cleansing for the space and the people in it.

Smudge sticks are made of dried sage in most cases; however, you can also prep them with any other combo of dried fruits and flowers, including thyme, rosemary, lavender, etc.

When the sticks smolder, they release a rustic aroma which is nice and calming. Below, check out the best and easiest way to make your own rosemary smudge sticks and start cleansing your space today!

The History of Smudging

Native American culture uses smudges in different types of ceremonies as a way to bless places and people. This process stands for a gradual burning of a blend of flowers and herbs.

And, more and more scientific data is backing up the antiseptic properties of smudging when it comes to air cleansing. In fact, a 2007 study from the Ethnopharmacology journal concluded that medicinal smoke almost entirely removes air bacteria in an enclosed space.

Moreover, 60 minutes of burning medicinal smoke lowered the airborne bacteria by 94 percent and the cleansing effects lasted for 24 hours!

DIY Rosemary Smudge Sticks

The homemade sticks are as potent as the ones you can buy and maybe even more. 

You can opt for other herbs and flowers to suit your needs and preferences. Some of these options are frankincense, cedar, juniper, sweetgrass, yarrow, lemon balm, etc.

You can also add rosemary, thyme, spruce, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, etc.  

To make your own sticks, you’ll need:

Fresh or dried herbs

A twine or a 100 percent cotton thread


Layer the ingredients you’ve picked out and place the bases of the largest leaves or stemmed herbs at the same level with each other.  This is to ease the process of binding.

Next, cut a piece of twine or a thread that’s four times the length of the bundle. Make a loose knot on one end of the string and tighten it around the stems and then bind the bundle.

This will leave one side of the string around three times the length of the bundle. Using the string’s long end, start wrapping the bundle tightly and spiral it up towards the top of the bundle.

Fold in any stray springs by tucking them under the string as you’re going. When you get to the top of the bundle, keep on wrapping by crisscrossing the twine as you head back down the base.

Now, tie the loose end to the original knot at the stick’s base.

Hang the sticks upside down where it’s sunny and leave them for at least three weeks to dry.

How to Smudge the Right Way?

To smudge, you light one end of the sage bundle using a match, never a lighter. Blow out the flame and leave the end burning.

Fan the smoke into corners using a feather as you move around. This smoke is your prayers, your calling to the energies of the spirit and the four elements (water, earth, air, and fire).

Put the stick into an abalone shell or a clay or glass bowl.

What to Do after Smudging?

After smudging, open up the windows to eliminate bad vibes, otherwise, you’re trapping the toxins and negative energy inside!

You can smudge every season, but also monthly or weekly, depending on how you feel.

Smudging is recommendable when moving into a new home; when you’re stressed and need to relax, or when you want to make space for new beginnings in life. Reusing your smudge stick is possible; once it dries out, reuse it until you can’t hold it comfy any longer!




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