Bighearted Plumber Is Fixing Seniors’ Plumbing Free of Charge

This generous plumber went viral after people heard of his free-of-charge fixing of boilers and pipes for OAPs and disabled customers.

James Anderson is a caring tradesman in his fifties who has helped thousands of vulnerable and elderly people in need. He even closed his private firm and launched a non-profit company name Depher.

His acts of kindness went viral after a photo of his bill for £0 that he sent to a 91-year-old woman who had acute leukemia was shared online.

A Proud Father of Five Who’s Making Sure the Elderly & Disabled Are Heard

The receipt for a boiler repair had a side note saying “no charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24/7 to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible.”

The handyman who’s originally from Liverpool worked hard to get the needed funds through crowdfunding and donations so that he can help people from Lancashire.

A proud dad of five, he was inspired to put aside his private work and launch Depher after he met an elderly man who was scammed by a plumber who blocked his supply of warm water.

Helping those Who Built the World for Us

Since 2017, Mr. Anderson has been providing free-of-charge or lower-cost plumbing services to people in need in winters. Although switching to a non-profit has caused debts of around £8,000, he convinces everyone that the shortfall is being kept under control.

When asked by others why he’s getting himself into debt, he says that debt is debt and that he would rather owe some money to someone so that another person can be safe and happy.

This ethos, he added, is in his heart and it will be there forever.

Donations Started Coming in after His Gestures Were Learned

With the news of this man’s amazing generosity spreading, donations started coming in and they’ve reached an amazing £20,000. This kind gesture from kind people moved him deeply and he felt overwhelmed. He realized how kind people can be.

Still, he claims he’s not doing anything unique, but just doing what he feels is the right thing to do.

Mr. Anderson who has helped numerous locals in Lancashire is hoping to spread Depher all over the country. He met with several engineers who’re for it, but still, they’ll need funding.

This wonderful man says he doesn’t want any elderly or disabled person in his country to suffer or die due to insufficient funds to fix their AC or boiler.

We’re so happy for people like this! Aren’t you?




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