Man Takes Dying Dog for One Last Walk Up the Mountain Carrying It in a Wheelbarrow

This dog owner took his beloved pet on one final trip up the Welsh mountains before it passed away. For this to happen, he had to use a wheelbarrow. The labradoodle of Carlos Fresco named Monty was diagnosed with leukemia and battled with it for 18 months.

After Monty’s health began deteriorating, his owner made sure they spent one more journey together up the Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons.

Fresco who’s from London said that Monty was at peace and loved being carried in a wheelbarrow and the attention he received from people.

Monty Fought Bravely, but the Cancer Returned

The 10-year-old Monty responded well to chemo, but eight weeks later, the cancer returned. Fresco said how he noticed his pet was declining fast and although he looked fine on the outside, in reality, the cancer was taking the oxygen his muscles needed.

The dog was able to walk some distance, but not too far. The lovely duo lived in the Bayswater area in London, but Fresco decided to take Monty to spend his last days in Wales.

Fresco and Monty stayed with friends in Brecon for a week and they took Monty to walks in town and walks in the wheelbarrow before they headed up the Pen y Fan one more time together.

Other hikers stopped to cuddle Monty and some even offered to help push him. Fresco said how Monty loved attention; when you stop cuddling him, he would put his paw on you or his chin on your thigh, looking at you as if he wanted to say “stroke me again please”.

Monty Passes Away Next to His Beloved Owner

The sweetest pup passed away on the 21st of June. Fresco said he hung there for Father’s Day. They slept in his friend’s conservatory and he saw him in the garden in the early hours of the morning.

Monty then came and curled up at his feet at the bed. When Fresco woke up, Monty had already passed away. His little heart couldn’t do it anymore, said Fresco. He drove his beloved pet back to London for burial in the family garden.

It was heartbreaking losing him, said Fresco. He was a special boy and spent a decade by his side. God bless him and have a goodnight little fella…