Boy Raises $700,000 for Hospice by Camping Out for 500 Nights after a Dying Man Gave Him a Tent

This boy from Britain began sleeping in a tent last year, inspired by a tragedy that happened to his neighbor. The goal was to raise money in memory of his neighbor Rick who died from cancer and donate them to the hospice that cared for Rick.

Days after Britain went into lockdown to lower the spread of COVID-19 in March of 2020, Max Woosey, a 10-year-old boy decided to raise 100 pounds for the local hospice that cared for Rick.

Max and his family realized how pivotal the local hospice was. They helped their neighbor stay in his home, which was his final wish.

How Did Max Come Up with this Unique Camp Out Idea to Raise Money?

He was inspired for his camp-out idea by Rick who gave Max his tent shortly before he passed away, telling him to go and have adventures in it. Max realized that the hospice’s fundraisers and services closed because of the pandemic and wanted to help them out.

He pitched the tent and had his stuffed animals inside to keep him cozy and regularly updated the public on his fundraising page.

Digby, the family’s dog, often spent nights with Max in the tent.

The lockdown restrictions continued and the warmer summer nights turned into chillier autumn ones, but Max was persistent and refused to go back into his house. This is when donations kept coming in.

On October 12, the boy thanked everyone for the donations and he said it’s unbelievable how much he raised. He also decided to camp out for a year to see if he could gather 20,000 pounds.

You probably guessed it: the boy passed this goal too and hit a milestone of 100 consecutive days, then 200, and then 300, and ultimately 500!

Unfortunately, during a December storm, Max’s tent blew over, but he managed to fix it so he could cross off another day on his calendar.

His dad was with him during the storm Bella which caused 70 mph of winds! When the tent sprung a leak, he purchased a new one.

With the Christmas season on the doorstep, Max and his family decorated the tent with lights and other ornaments.

Rick Was an Amazing Man, Said Max

Max who lives in Braunton in the southwest of England says that Rick was a wonderful man who was fit and loved the outdoors.

Max’s selfless mission attracted both national and international attention and he was also invited to camp next to a lion’s enclosure at a London ZOO as well as in the Downing Street Garden.

The boy celebrated his 500th consecutive night on his unique adventure motivated by a tragedy last year. In total, he raised more than $770,000 from good people from all over the world for the hospice.

Isn’t he wonderful?




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