Shelter Dog Desperate for Love Tries to Hold Hands with Everyone Who Passes by His Kennel

Speck is a lovely dog that was looking to love others and to be loved in return. Even when he stayed at a kennel in the Bullock County Humane Society, his lovely personality made it impossible to ignore him without saying hello.

For more than a year, this amazing dog was behind the kennel bars, waiting for his forever home. But this didn’t harden his spirits, on the contrary. This sweet little guy never gave up and continued radiating love, waiting for the right person to show him the same.

Speck: The Cuddliest of the Dogs in the Shelter

When the staff approached Speck’s kennel, he would immediately push his face between the metal bars and reach out with his paw for cuddles. This sweet gesture rarely passed without getting the other side’s hand for some love.

The shelter’s director, Desiray Miracle-Wilder, explains that Speck is a love-loving dog. He wants people to cuddle him and hold his paw.

He enjoys human attention and nothing can break his focus. When he’s got his eyes on a human, no dog, cat or toys can defocus him! He cares only about the human in front of him.

In the shelter, he loved showering visitors with love. When people sat down, the shelter workers explain, Speck would lay on them and ask for the human’s hand which he held dearly onto.  

We Had to Share Speck’s Amazing Behavior, Said the Shelter

Knowing how amazing Speck is, the shelter decided to make a video of his sweet hand-holding gesture and share it with the world and maybe draw some interest in him.

The video went viral fast and people were amazed by how affectionate Speck is. It’s been shared and viewed thousands of times and it only took three days for this video to change Speck’s life forever.

Speck Finds a Forever Home

After Allie’s Hope for Paws Dog Rescue saw the video of Speck, she connected him with a wonderful adopter. This wouldn’t have been possible without The Bullock County Humane Society-they stepped in the search for a forever home for Speck.

Today, Speck lives on a 26-acre farm and will soon have two pups that are going to be his siblings.

Finally, after the time he spent in the kennel, Speck will get all the love and affection he deserves and will run around with his beloved humans and furry siblings!

Congrats Speck on your new family!