Surgeon Surprises Kids with Hand-Drawn Dressings of their Scars so that They Won’t Be the Last Memory of the Surgery

Dr. Robert Parry is trying to make surgeries a bit less scary for kids and he’s doing an awesome job. But, to achieve this, he has to put down his scalpel and take up a pen.

Namely, when the surgery is done, Dr. Parry draws stunning cartoons on the kids’ dressings so that when they wake up, the scar doesn’t frighten them.

Dr. Parry who works at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio says that he always takes a moment to ensure the scar isn’t the long-lasting memory that the kids will remember after the procedure.

Unique Pediatric Surgeon Draws on Kids’ Dressings to Cover Up Scars

The amazing surgeon always surprises the kids with a hand-drawn dressing that features a character of something the kids like. Whether it’s the snowman from Frozen or Batman, this surgeon has the kids’ back!

He enjoys drawing everything: from Disney characters to sports team logos.

He’s been with this hospital as of 2011 and performed more than 10,000 surgeries. Every drawing requires around five minutes, but the difference they make in the kid patients is huge, say both the doctor and the parents.

Parents & Kids Love Dr. Parry’s Effort

One of the parents, Samantha Manning who brought her then 11-month-old daughter in for liver surgery back in 2014, explains how Dr. Parry drew a rose garden on her daughter’s dressing.

Manning explains that they had no idea that this would happen and that it’s the doctor’s special trademark. When they saw it, she explains they were deeply moved.

The drawing was a symbol of their experience with Dr. Parry and the hospital that took every extra step possible to make kind, small gestures. They showed them they really care and they lifted up their spirits.

Another parent, Christina Potts Whipkey, brought her daughter Kennedy in for surgery at Dr. Parry’s. Her daughter also had a lovely drawing. Whipkey explains that Dr. Parry told Kennedy and her siblings that they will have beautiful butterfly drawings when the surgery is done.

Her mom says that when Kennedy came out of surgery, everyone in her family was excited to see what Dr. Parry actually meant; Kennedy was so proud of the lovely bandage and didn’t have to care about any scars.




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