Woman Pays for 60 Strangers’ Meals at this Pennsylvania Diner

Lorrie Renninger has been part of the food service industry for more than 10 years and for the past three years, she’s been working at the reopened Country Diner in Hegins Township.

She says that she likes the people who come to the diner. She meets a lot of different people from all over the world and they often have repeats.

She explains that if there are travelers, they stop back and tell her how she waited on them last year. Recently, during a packed lunch rush at her workplace, Renninger met another customer but little did she know that this woman would impress her later on.

Customer Pays for Everyone’s Bill in the Diner

Renninger explains that she was waiting on this lady and when it was time for her to pay the bill, the woman came up to the register and said how she wants to pay for everyone’s bill. Renninger asked her if she’s sure to which she replied yes. The bill was around $350.

When the people in the diner found out, they were shocked. Renninger says how it was really nice of the lady to do this for others. The amazing lady also tipped two of the servers with a total of $100.

This act of kindness wasn’t just for the workers in the Country Diner, but also for the customers, during a challenging period.

Renninger explains that their business has had its ups and downs. Although they’re now open, they had to do reduced hours.

One of the servers, Kayla Canacatchel, says how this woman’s gesture was really helpful. When money’s tight, she added, a kind hand can go a long way. The generous woman wanted to stay anonymous, but the workers want her to know how many were touched by her kind soul.

They all thanked her and added she made their day and it was a wonderful thing. Indeed, even a small sweet gesture can make someone’s day!

What is a kind thing today that you did for others? -Share it with us and be someone’s inspiration!




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